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Teaching Approach:

What makes my method unique is that I introduce Italian language and culture to you in a way that is accessible. My very long experience teaching and living all over the world, taught me a lot about language learning:

There is what is called "empiric" learning (learning by speaking), make the language unique, funny, colourful, idiomatic, mosaic. The grammatical element that really helps you gets by. I make sure to prepare you in both ways.

Program Description

I have experience with a variety of different teaching methods. I have taught in the classroom for seven years, I find that my language teaching is most effective when I am allowed to work with smaller groups of people. As a dynamic person that travels, learning foreign languages from the very beginning, I understand the impediments that many beginner students face. My lessons are adapted to the needs of the individual, and you have an opportunity to let me know what is most important to you with regard to your lessons.

Teaching Experience

I have taught Italian: As a freelancer for many agencies around Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes council (A.C.E) For about 7 years with evening Classes of 10/16 students. I have also worked with a lecturer (Dr Carol Richardson MA PhD, Research Lecturer – Art History) from the Open University, translating a history of Art from Latin into Italian then from Italian to English. This work was published in 2006. Assistant lecturer at Open University.


Classes are normally at my purpose built, home office in Oldbrook - Milton Keynes, MK6 2XS

Otherwise, by request, we can use the office in Stony Stratford or at your home (please note an additional charge of £10 per lesson will be incurred for lessons at a clients home or business premises).

Contact Me:

01908 392149
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Rahel - Italian Tutor

Rahel Nigussie Italian
Raised in Genoa, Italy
Specialise in conversational Italian tuition
Call: 01908 392149 
or 07539 966 172

Frequently Asked Questions

I can teach primarily in the mornings and evening on weekdays. What I feel makes me effective as a teacher is my promptness for adjusting to your needs as a learner. Everyone learns differently, and that is why I enjoy teaching smaller groups of people

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Phone Number: 01908 392 149

Mobile Number: 07539 966 172

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35 Wardle Place
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